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Determination of the operator's flight safety policy; 2. Allocation of responsibilities, duties, and issuing instructions to individuals, sufficient for implementation of Medallion Air policy and the maintenance of safety standards. Monitoring of flight safety standards; 4. Recording and analysis of any deviations from Medallion Airlines standards in respect to "Passenger Comfort, Timetable Efficiency and Economy" and ensuring corrective action; 5.

Quality Assurance; 7. Liaison with the Authority.

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He his responsible for providing the necessary resources to the other post holders to perform their tasks for which they are responsible to ensure safe operations and airworthy airplanes. He establishes the company's formal written quality policy statement defining the intent of the quality system and his commitment to it.

He reports directly to the Accountable Manager. He must be acceptable to the Authority and liaises with it regarding quality matters.

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He his responsible for all this audit activity and associated resources. He prepares reports for the Accountable Manager, and ensures with appropriate responsible that corrective actions are applied. He reports to the Accountable Manager.

He or his deputy fire panic sos slimming review be a current Type Rating Pilot and an active line pilot commander on a type operated under the AOC. He is in charge of organizing and completing the training necessary for the crews to acquire and maintain their legal licenses and qualifications and to adequately perform their assigned duties. In co-operation with the respective Chief Pilots and the Cabin Crew Manager, he monitors the operation and identifies problems that may require the provision of extra training or changes in operational procedures.

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He is responsible for the training of all training personnel, and ensures that common standards apply throughout. In collaboration with the Chief Pilots, the Cabin Crew Manager, the Training Manager defines the training requirements and ensures that the training facilities and equipment fulfill the required specification. He plans all long-term training activities and assesses the training development costs with the Accountable Manager.

He is appointed by, and reports to the Accountable Manager. He is responsible for the safe, secure and economical conduct of all activities regarding the organization of ground handling activities for the airline. In particular, he ensures in cooperation with other company divisions and external enterprises, passengers, cargo and aircraft handling and dispatch. He is appointed by and reports to the Accountable Manager. He is responsible for the definition, development and implementation of the maintenance procedures in accordance with the maintenance policy.

He is responsible for the airworthiness of each aircraft.

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To ensure the functioning of the Quality System within the Maintenance Department, the Technical Cel mai bun mod de a pierde grăsimea facială is responsible for monitoring and ensuring that the entire maintenance system is being conducted in accordance with and conforms to EU-OPS 1 Subpart M, EU and procedures approved by the Authority.

He defines the whole system of maintaining or regaining the airworthiness of the MEDALLION AIR airplanes which includes: - Carrying out pre-flight checks, - Rectification to an approved standard of any defect and damage affecting safety, - Implementation of any operational or airworthiness directive, and any other airworthiness requirement made mandatory by the Authority, - Making modifications in accordance with approved standards.

He should aim to create awareness and understanding of accident prevention methods throughout the organization. He conducts investigation into, and reports on any accident, incident or occurrence involving a company airplane and liaises with the Authority if necessary. Having discovered, identified and assessed hazards, the Flight Safety Manager should make recommendations to eliminate them.

He should keep management and pilots informed of safety trends and problems within the organization and within the industry. He circulates safety data, information concerning the experiences of other relevant safety information. He reports directly to the Accountable Manager on safety matters and is free to make recommendations to any manager within the organization if he considers it necessary in the interests of flight safety.

To be effective, the Flight Safety Manager must be given full and visible support by all management and supervisory personnel. He shall regularly report about his function to the Quality Manager and to the Authority to guarantee the maintenance of flight operational safety. He or his deputy shall hold a valid Airline Transport Pilot License with the status of commander.

ATPL Note: In the case that the Flight Operations Manager does no longer hold a valid license or is not current, his deputy must be in possession of a valid license. He is appointed by and reports to the Accountable Manager and is the executive responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the company's policies and for direct supervision of the line operations on all fleets. This involves implementing and maintaining whatever procedures necessary to ensure the smooth operation of all fleets.

Particularly he determines all flight operational standards and practices.

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He is responsible for editing the Operations Manual ensuring that it is kept up to date and includes all data necessary to comply with all relevant regulations and requirement and with the provision of the AOC.

The Flight Operations Post Holder has the right: To select the management members of the subordinate functions, respecting the vetorights of the superiors and subordinates. CHIEF PILOT S Chief pilot is responsible for implementation of published policies, regulations and precautions pertaining to the flight crew and aircraft operations to provide the highest technical standard of flight safety, economy and efficiency.

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The Chief Pilot of each fleet is responsible to the Flight Operations Manager for the establishment of standards and the maintenance of discipline within the flight crew group. He liaises with the Training Manager and Flight Crew Training Chief Instructor on all flight crew training issues pertinent to his aircraft type and with the Crew Scheduling for all crew checks.

He establishes and develops working relations with units from within the company and outside sources regarding his basic job area, he reports to Flight Operations Manager and all related personnel depicted on the organizational chart are his subordinates.

Conducts all written tests, skill tests and evaluations. Responsible for the selection, training and standardization of the cabin crew. Development and production of all training materials and devices used in cabin crew training. Conducts management duties according to the company policies and regulations.

The up-dating of Cabin Crew Manual. The collaboration with Quality Department. COMMANDER The Commander has the full authority: - As to the execution of his flight with regard to aircraft operation and safety; - Over all crew members while on duty and off duty when away from home base; - Over his passengers during flight, from closing until opening of cabin doors.

The Commander has the authority and responsibility to declare an emergency situation whenever deemed necessary.

While executing his emergency authority, the Commander shall keep the proper control station informed regarding the progress of the flight and actions taken. If deemed necessary, the Commander may refuse passengers for onward transportation if after several requests they still do not follow the given orders.

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Persons obviously intoxicated with alcohol, or narcotics shall be refused. CO-PILOT The co-pilot shall: - Act as the Commander's deputy upon delegation or in the latest absence; - Act as the main assistant of the Commander and as a monitoring crew member during all phases of flight; - Act as Commander in case of Commander's incapacitation. A crew member is responsible for ensuring he is in possession of a valid and properly rated licenses, appropriate to his assigned function at all times when engaged upon flight duties.

A cabin crew member shall make use of the occurrence reporting and, when necessary, confidential reporting deemed.

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A crew member is not obliged to report an occurrence, which has already been reported by another crew member. The senior cabin crew takes orders directly from the Commander or his delegate. He acts as chief of the cabin crew and has authority over all cabin crew members on duty, regardless of seniority. In absence of the Commander at outstations i. In all other situations, cabin crew members are subordinated to the Cabin Crew Manager.

Duties: The senior cabin crew shall have responsibility to the Commander for the conduct and coordination of normal and emergencies procedures. The senior cabin crew is responsible for the good quality of the in-flight product in accordance with the Company procedures. Reports about matters fire panic sos slimming review mutual interest shall be coordinated with the Commander.

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The Senior cabin crew acts as spokesman for the cabin crew relating to their wishes to the Commander and vice versa. Duties: All cabin crew members have to fulfill their duties to the best of their knowledge. The duties in case of an emergency are laid down in the respective regulations.

The replacement shall take place as follows: - 1st priority: Second Senior cabin crew; - 2nd priority: Experienced cabin crew member. The following explanations of the methods for determining the crew composition shall be taken into account: - The type of operating airplane; - The minimum crew requirement; - The experience, regency and qualification of crew members, Medallion Air shall not operate an airplane with a maximum approved passenger seating configuration of more than 19, when carrying one or more passengers, unless at least one cabin crew member is included in the crew for the purpose of performing duties in the interests of the safety fire panic sos slimming review passengers.

Four 4 exits door are on the floor level and four 4 over-wings. All cabin door exits are inward - outward plug - type openings. On the ground this exits may be operated from the inside and from the outside. Location The cabin has four door exits: - Forward passenger entry door aircraft left — L1 - Forward galley service door aircraft right — R1 - Aft. No person may accept an assignment to duty knowing that he is not qualified and fit for duty.

SCCM is responsible for all the crew members. The Cabin Crew Management will maintain a record of the training undertaken, the initial and recurrent checks completed and the current qualification status for each cabin crew member. Cabin crew All flights with passengers shall be planned and carried out with a number of cabin crew members qualified for emergency situations for the respective type of airplane irrespective of other personnel assigned to perform a specific duty on the flight.

In unforeseen circumstances the minimum required number of cabin crew may be reduced, provided that: - The number of passengers has been reduced so that there are no more than 50 passengers for each cabin crew; - Re-seating of passengers with due regard to exits and other applicable airplane limitation; - Relocation of fire panic sos slimming review crew and any change of procedures; - A written report is submitted to the RCAA after completion of the flight.

For passenger's comfort or other commercial reasons, on particular routes or rotations the Cabin Crew Manager, with the approval of the Flight Operations Director may establish a number of cabin crew that differs from the standard, but not less than the minimum cabin crew. Observer Cabin Crew Cabin crew which do not hold a valid license on type, but have completed the ground reteta de slabit disociata pe zile course and hold a certificate of completion of the ground course, may be included in the crew in addition to the minimum cabin crew, provided the SCCM is an instructor.

Cabin Crew Manager shall provide with limits for experience of cabin crew members on specific airplanes fire panic sos slimming review routes. In such a cases, additional crew members must be trained in and be proficient to perform their assigned duties.

Any personnel who undertake tasks in the cabin shall not wear a uniform which might identify them to passengers as a cabin crew member unless they comply with the requirements applicable to cabin crew members.

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With the approval of the RCAA, the cabin crew member may operate on four airplane types, provided that, for at least two of the types: - non-type specific normal and emergency procedures are identical; - safety equipment and type specific normal and emergency procedures are similar. For the purposes of subparagraph above, variants of an airplane type are considered to be different types if they are not similar in all the following aspects: - emergency exit operation; - location and type of portable safety equipment; - type specific emergency procedures.

All cabin crew members of the standard cabin crew must be ceai sicuro slim catena pret for performing the tasks assigned and at least a number of cabin crew referred to as minimum cabin crew must hold a valid license on type, complying with the requirements of RCAA LPN 5.

In order to obtain the required license and qualification all cabin crew members must complete the applicable training programs established under the authority of the Crew Training Postholder and published in the Operations Manual Part D. After each training program, the crew member undergoes the required examination for obtaining the qualification and the license. All cabin crew members shall complete safety related training according the provisions contained in Medallion Air Operations Manual Part D.

The Operations Manual Part D should identify the facilities, which are to be used for different parts of the training, and instructors should be listed together with their areas of expertise if appropriate.

He must also have passed the prescribed checks covering the training received in order to verify proficiency in carrying out safety and emergency procedures. For qualification to operate as one of the minimum required cabin crew each cabin crew member must have completed: 1. Initial safety training course - This course will contain the lessons required to operate as a cabin crew member in accordance with Medallion Air operations, both governmental and company specific; 2.

Conversion or differences training - if they do not hold a valid license on Medallion Air airplane s type s. Airplane Visit 4.

Observation and Familiarization Flights. The new entrant cabin crew member must participate in two familiarization flights of minimum four sectors, fire panic sos slimming review each the new entrant cabin crew member is in addition to the fire panic sos slimming review number of cabin crew. The familiarization flights are conducted by an instructor cabin crew.

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Note: Familiarization flights are conducted only after successfully completing the ground course and practical training. During the course periodic fire panic sos slimming review and oral tests monitor the trainee's ground training progress. Following completion of initial safety training each cabin crew member will undergo a check covering the training received in order to verify his proficiency in carrying out safety and emergency duties.

It consists of theoretical and practical training. A review of previous initial safety training should be carried out in order to confirm that no item has been omitted.

Cabin Crew Manual

Following completion of initial safety training each cabin crew member will undergo a check covering the training received in order to verify his proficiency in carrying out safety and emergency duties on the airplane type. Accordingly, airplane visits should be conducted by suitably qualified persons. The familiarization flights must be conducted by a Cabin Crew Instructor.

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