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Purchasing one of the Westen products satisfies your ex pectations: good functioning, simplicity and ease of use. Do not dispose of this booklet without reading it: you can eco slim gyakori here some very useful information, which eco slim gyakori help you to run your boiler correctly and efficiently.

Do not leave any parts of the packaging plastic bags, polystyrene, etc. This certificate guarantees that the Quality System applied at the Westen factory in Bassano del Grappa, where your boiler was produced, meets the standards of the UNI EN ISO norm, which is the strictest and concerns all organization stages and operating personnel involved in the production and distribution processes.

Instructions prior to installation 3 2. Instructions prior to commissioning 3 3. Commissioning of the boiler 4 4. Filling the boiler 6 6. Turning off the boiler 6 7. Gas change 6 8. Prolonged standstill of the system. The boiler must be connected to a central heating system and to a domestic hot water supply system in compliance with its performances and output power.

Have the boiler installed by a Qualified Service Engineer and ensure the following operations are accomplished: a careful checking that the boiler is fit for operation with the type of gas available. For more details see the notice on the packaging and the label on the eco slim gyakori itself. Hot water circuit: 1. Heating circuit 2.

To avoid damaging metal, plastic and rubber parts, use only neutral cleaners, i.

To use this product proceeding strictly eco slim gyakori accordance with the maker s directions existing system Before proceeding with installation of the boiler, the system must be cleaned and flushed out to remove sludge and contaminants, using suitable proprietary products as described in section 2. To use this product proceeding strictly in accordance with the maker s directions. Remember that the presence of foreign matter in the heating system can adversely affect the operation of the boiler e.

Failure to observe the above will render the guarantee null and void. Ensure the following operations are carried out: a compliance of boiler parameters with electricity, water, gas supply systems settings. Prior to commissioning remove the protective plastic coating from the unit. Do not use any tools or abrasive detergents as you may spoil the painted surfaces. To adjust the CH and D. Warning: During initial lighting, until the air contained in the gas pipes is not released, the burner may fail to light immediately and that may cause a blockage of the boiler.

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Under such circumstances we recommend you to repeat the ignition eco slim gyakori until the gas is delivered to the burner, and press button for at least 2 seconds.

See the instructions accompanying this accessory item.

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The boiler satisfies requests for domestic hot water only while central heating is NOT enabled ambient antifreeze function active. The boiler satisfies requests for both domestic hot water and central heating ambient antifreeze function active. In the OFF mode, the display shows neither of the above two symbols. In this mode, only the ambient antifreeze function is active while requests for domestic hot water and central heating are not satisfied.

When the burner is lighted the display shows the symbol. During a D. To adjust the eco slim gyakori values, proceed as follows: ECO The ECO temperature setpoint allows the user to quickly set the relative domestic hot water temperature pressing the P button. In eco function the display reads out eco. In case of overpressure, open the boiler drain valve.

In case the pressure is lower open the boiler filling tap. We recommend you open the tap very slowly in order to let off the air. During this operation, the gas boiler must be in OFF mode press the button - See section 3. With the gas boiler in OFF mode section 3.

Any gas change must be effected by a Qualified Service Engineer. In case the boiler is not operated during wintertime and is therefore exposed to danger of frost we suggest you add some specific-purpose anti-freeze to the water contained in the system e.

The electronic management of boilers includes a frost protection function in the central heating system which operates the burner to reach a heating flow temperature of 30 C when the system heating flow temperature drops below 5 C. The anomalies which can be reset by the user are shown with the symbol e.

The anomalies which cannot be reset are carried out with the symbol e. If this fault persist, call an authorised Service centre. E02 Safety thermostat sensor tripped Press the button figure 1 for at least 2 seconds. E04 Safety error due to frequent flame loss Call an authorised Service centre.

E10 E11 Water pressure LOW Safety thermostat for low temperature system cuts in if connected Check that the pressure in the system is as specified. See Section 5. Call an authorised Service centre. Boiler max temperature exceeded probable E25 Call an authorized Service centre.

If this fault persists, call an authorized Service centre E97 Electronic board input frequency Hz incorrectly Change the frequency Hz setting. E99 Internal card error Call an authorised Service centre. Note: when an anomaly occurs, the display background flashes with the error code. Careful servicing will ensure economical operation of the system.

Always isolate the electrical supply to the appliance eco slim gyakori cleaning it see section 6. Instructions regarding lighting and operation of the boiler are contained in the Instructions pertaining to the user section.

Note that installation, maintenance and operation of the domestic gas appliances must be performed exclusively by qualified personnel in compliance with current standards. To ensure correct operation of the appliance and avoid invalidating the guarantee, observe the following precautions: 1.

To use this product proceeding strictly in accordance with the maker s directions existing system Before proceeding with installation of the boiler, the system must be cleaned and flushed out to remove sludge and contaminants, using suitable proprietary products as described in 2. To use this product proceeding strictly in accordancewith the maker s directions. Connect the pipework to the gas and water inlets prea ranged on the template lower bar. If you are either installing the boiler on a pre-existent system or substituting it, we suggest you also fit settling tank on the system return pipework and under the boiler to collect the deposits and scaling which may remain and be circulated in the system after the purge.

By means of a splitting kit a two-pipe system may also be installed. Exclusively install fittings supplied by the manufacturer.

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The 90 coaxial bend allows to connect the boiler to a flue-air duct in any direction as it can rotate by It can more ver be used as a supplementary bend and be coupled with a coaxial duct or a 45 bend. Ensure a minimum downward slope of 1 cm towards the outside per each metre of duct length.

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A 90 bend reduces the total duct length by 1 metre. A 45 bend reduces the total duct length by 0.

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The first 90 bend is not included in the maximum avail able length. Comburant air may be drawn in at a different site from where the flue terminal is located.

For the air duct adaptor fit the screws and seals previously removed from the cap. The flue duct must not fall and all horizontal runs must always rise at eco slim gyakori 3 from the boiler. Eco slim gyakori fatkiller apoteke protection to exposed parts of the outlet duct where accidental touch may occur must be given.

Calculation of the total equivalent length: The total equivalent length depends on the number and type of components in the flue system. The cut end should be de-burred to eco slim gyakori damage to seals when assembling to a fitting. Apply soap solution to all seals to aid assembly. Secure the roof terminal with the pipe clamp supplied. Any precautionary measures must be removed prior to fitting the boiler.

Flue Duct View de slăbire Engage the flue duct adaptor on the boiler adaptor, making sure that it is pushed down as far as possible. Air Duct Adaptor Undo the screws securing the rugăciuni pentru pierderea tatălui plate to the eco slim gyakori top panel. Discard the plate. There is a restrictor plate supplied in the kit with the gas boiler.

This restrictor is used either way up depending upon model of boiler - see figure 9. Take one of the gaskets supplied in the kit and pierderea în greutate de performanță on the boiler top panel.

Align the appropriate restrictor as shown. Position the second gasket over the restrictor. Using the screws previously removed secure the air duct adaptor to the top panel. Continue to fit the twin flue system. The maximum length of the suction duct must be 10 metres. For detailed instructions concerning the installation of fittings refer to the technical data accompanying the fittings.

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Use a double-pole switch with a contact separation of at least 3mm in both poles. Access to the power supply terminal block eco slim gyakori the electrical supply to the boiler by the double-pole switch; unscrew the two screws securing the control board to the boiler; rotate the control board; unscrew the lid and gain access to the wiring Figure The 2A fast-blowing fuses are incorporated in the power supply terminal block to check or replace the fuse, pull out the black fuse carrier.

The procedure for calibrating the pressure regulator may vary according to the type of gas valve fitted honeywell or SIT; see figure Carry out the following operations in the given sequence: A Substitute the main burner injectors Honeywell valve mod. VK M carefully pull the main burner off its seat; substitute the main burner injectors and make sure you tighten them to avoid leakage.

The nozzle diameters are specified in table 1.

Felhasználói és szerelői kézikönyv Manual de instrucţiuni destinat utilizatorului şi instalatorului

B Change the modulator voltage setting F02 parameter according to the gas used as described in section C Pressure adjusting device setting connect the positive pressure test point of a differential possibly water-operated manometer to the gas valve pressure test point Pb Figure 11 ; connect, for sealed chamber models only, the negative pressure test point of the manometer to a T fitting in order to join the boiler adjusting outlet, the gas valve adjusting outlet Pc and the manometer.

The same measurement can be carried out by connecting the manometer to the pressure eco slim gyakori point Eco slim gyakori after removing the sealed chamber front panel ; If you measure the pressure of burners in a different way you may obtain an altered result in that the low pressure created in the sealed chamber by the fan would not be taken into account.

C1 Adjustment to nominal heat output open the gas tap; press button figure 1 and set the boiler in winter mode section 3. C3 Final checks apply the additional dataplate, specifying the type of gas and settings applied. When the gas boiler is power supplì, the display shows the following information: 1.

Type of boiler and gas used eg.

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Hydraulic system; 7. Software version two numbers x.

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Note: lines A08 and A09 are not used. This function is active for 3 minutes. To carry out a new RESET attempt, proceed as follows: press the button for at least 2 seconds; reset the boiler pressing the button for at least 2 seconds, the display shows OFF. When the function is activated, the display shows F01 alternated with the eco slim gyakori of the parameter.

F12 Manufacturer information 00 F13 CH max. F22 Manufacturer information 00 F23 Maximum D. F29 Manufacturer information read-only parameters -- F30 Manufacturer information 10 F31 Manufacturer information 30 F In the event of one of the following faults: the flue terminal is obstructed; the venturi is obstructed; the fan is blocked; the connection between the venturi and the air pressure switch is interrupted; The boiler will stay on stand-by and the display shows error code E03 see eco slim gyakori 9.

Overheat safety thermostat Thanks to a sensor placed on the heating flow, this thermostat interrupts the gas flow to the burner in case the water contained in the primary circuit has overheated.